Commission Units and Responsibilities

The Florida Commission on Human Relations was created in section 760.03, Florida Statutes. The Commission is assigned to the Department of Management Services for organizational purposes only. The Commission, in the performance of its duties pursuant to the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992, is not subject to the control, supervision or direction by the Department of Management Services.

As provided in section 760.05, Florida Statutes, the Commission promotes and encourages fair treatment and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap or marital status; and mutual understanding and respect among all members of all economic, social, racial, religious and ethnic groups; and shall endeavor to eliminate discrimination against, and antagonism between, religious, racial and ethnic groups and their members.

The general purposes of the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992 are to secure freedom from discrimination for all individuals within the state and to protect their interest in personal dignity; to make available to the state their full productive capacities; to secure the state against domestic strife and unrest; to preserve the public safety, health and general welfare; and to promote the interests, rights and privileges of individuals within the state.



Commission Meetings and Attendance

Conduct of Meetings:

Commission meetings are open to the public except in instances when meetings or portions thereof are closed pursuant to statutory authority (e.g., personnel actions, panel deliberations or discussions of pending investigations or lawsuits).

The Commission has sole authority over the contents of its meeting agenda. The chair will exercise this control on behalf of the commissioners. However, any commissioner, with an approval by the majority vote of the commissioners, may add to or delete from the agenda any item of business.

Meeting materials will be provided to the commissioners prior to the meeting in a timeframe sufficient for review. Commissioners are encouraged to review  the meeting materials prior to the meeting in order to be adequately prepared to participate actively and productively in meeting discussions.

Only issues within the Commission’s area of responsibility, statutory and administrative authority and jurisdiction will be considered at its meetings.

The Commission is responsible for recording – either electronically or in writing – and for making available to the public a summary of its meeting actions.

The order of Commission meetings are governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

Attendance at Meetings:

It is expected that each commissioner will attend every scheduled and duly noticed meeting of the Commission.

Should any commissioner miss three (3) consecutive meetings (regular or special) of the Commission or more than half of the meetings (regular or special) in any calendar year without providing written notice and justification for his/her absences, his/her name will be submitted to the Office of the Governor with a request for action.

If a commissioner cannot remain for the entire duration of a Commission meeting, he/she will give advance notice of this fact to the chair.

It is not intended that this policy interfere, contradict or supersede any aspect of Florida state law.

In the event that the commissioner does not plan to attend a meeting of the Commission, he or she must notify the airline and/or hotel to cancel lodging and flight arrangements. Failure to do so may subject the commissioner to payment of any expenses incurred.